Day 36

Let’s talk about the serious struggle of picking out the perfect interview outfit. And I’m not talking about dress code. I know the dress code:

  • Conservative, but not stuffy
  • Makeup light, but well done
  • Jewelry elegant, but delicate
  • Patterns and florals are ok, but nothing too bold
  • No rips, no stains, no denim, nothing tight or too long

And I own business attire that matches all this criteria. In fact, I own a closet full. However, it’s not about the checklist, it is about checking boxes and feeling great in those boxes.

Take, for example, a navy suit with a light blue blouse and tan pumps. Perfect for an interview – unless you have to walk – then the heels don’t make sense. And if it’s hot out, the blazer will be too much. So, slacks and a blouse with a cardigan… But flats can be a problem if it rains, and how to prevent everything from wrinkling on the drive there. Plus, everything has to fit perfectly, and being short means the sweater sleeves will always be too long.

Presence is about feeling good, feeling confident, and finding an outfit that doesn’t make you ask the continuous questions and second guessing that I listed above.




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