Day 22

I am now married to my pun loving, bad joke telling favorite.


Caution: mushy post ahead.

I knew I would marry my husband three months after we met. In a moment of pure terror I called my friend on a December night demanding that she talk me out of this crazy idea. Needless to say she didn’t. A year later, I told him I knew he was the one, and four years later he proposed. I am now married to my pun loving, bad joke telling favorite.

You know how people say “they just know” when they meet the one? You know how you roll your eyes (I certainly used to)? Well, I just knew (gag) that he was mine. I don’t like to say that we complete each other, because we are whole people alone. But we fit, we match. Like the base line and the melody – two separate and complete sounds – but together a much prettier song. We are supposed to be together, to stay together, and to build together. And it’s like we’ve already lived lifetimes together.

But our life is not all sparkly rainbows. We’ve been through some serious struggles together and find little things super irritating. Sometimes, I have to hide my head under a pillow while he eats because, I swear, if I hear that spoon hit his teeth one more time… Sometimes, he hates when I ask him to take the dog out even when the dog isn’t asking himself. We don’t fight a lot, but we also don’t agree on everything, so we talk all the time. About all the things. Until he deep sighs because he just can’t process anymore.

But together we find romance in the small things. Like walking through furniture stores and pretending to have a small house to decorate. Or laying in bed reading each other funny stories until we fall asleep laughing. Or, deciding to be lazy together and using a post-it note to indicate the time change because, frankly, it’s not work taking the giant clock off the wall… and that’s just happiness.



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