Day 16

I made a vision board, and I would highly recommend it to anyone. Now if you want to read the theories about why to do it – or how – or whatever, you’ll have to go elsewhere. I’m not qualified to tell you any of that. However, here’s what I loved about it.

It gave me an afternoon on constant, positive me time. Look – I don’t have a job right now that makes me leave the house… or talk to people. So, why the heck would I need me time? Because so much of my undefined me time is spent looking for jobs, making a budget, hunting for apartments, and frankly worrying. I worry all the time – and you read the not quite impostor syndrome post (I hope) – I worry about my ability to even be successful.

So I spent an entire afternoon thinking about how awesome I can be, and will be, in the future. I defined goals and found a way to communicate them to myself. So it was constructive me time – which everyone needs.

It also allowed me to be creative. I like making things, but I’m not great at it. This I could create my way – no rules. I also feel super proud of the finished product. I’m happy to look at it everyday – I’m just happy with what I’ve done and I think that’s great.

And finally, I firmly believe in “putting it out there.”I think focusing energy makes you take action. And there’s a connection with the world. So I made a board that helps me focus my energy on creating and entering the career I love. My board’s theme is “blooming into me” and is a bunch of quotes ( I think in words – not images so my vision board isn’t really pictures) to get me going.

I will find my dream career. Because I deserve to. And now I have a daily reminder of that. Now you do it!




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