Day 12

I mean, I am complaining, but not about what you think.


For the record, when my parents were my age, they owned a house. In case you were wondering, my husband and I do not own our tiny studio. It’s rented, so is the place we had before that – and frankly the place we have after this will also be rented.

And look, I am very aware that rent is much more expensive than a mortgage. (why is there a ‘t’ in that word?) And I know that it would lower our bills by several… several… hundred dollars if we owned. The dog could have a yard, I could paint the walls, and my husband could have built-in book shelves on every wall in his office…

But, unless someone can just hand us $10,000 for a down payment – it ain’t gunna happen. Seriously, we’re buried under the crippling debt of college, working for pennies and not really able to save much. And look, I know that we aren’t alone. I also want the record to show, that I’m not complaining.

I mean, I am complaining, but not about what you think.

I’m happy with our decisions, and our lifestyle. This means that we will rent for a while. So dear internet, friends, and family. We know rent is expensive. We know a house would be and investment. Yes, it is a goal to own one day. So – stop with the commentary. Seriously… nope, no, don’t tell me how to start saving for a down payment. Nope – shh shh – zip it. We know, we get it… drop it.

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