Day 9

Literally just a rant about driving.


Let’s talk about driving, and how many people are actually horrible at it. ┬áSeriously, the ability to drive is more subjective than grades without rubrics.

And driving has rubrics, LAWS!

I don’t have any great metaphor here, we were just on our way to the grocery store and I thought everyone must think that they are the best driver. And they aren’t. Hey you, who’s so nervous to change lanes and you wait and wait and wait… you aren’t a safe driver, you’re a timid one. Oh and you ma’am who holds down your horn as you attempt to pass on the right, you aren’t getting where you’re going faster than anyone else. Oh and sir, sir, going under the speed limit doesn’t prevent accidents – it causes them – so does tailgating, and not using your turn signals.

So, let’s just say it; everyone sucks.

If you are a good driver you probably aren’t a safe one, and if you’re a safe driver I doubt you’re that good. And don’t get me started on parking…

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