Day 10

It is the purest romance – a fairy tale without the messy relationship


I just went for a walk in the rain.

It is the purest romance – a fairy tale without the messy relationship. Just quiet, grey, cleansing magic.

I absolutely love pulling on my polka-dot boots and spending an hour outside in the rain and fog.I love that you stay cool and the wind blows drops on your face. I love the way the buildings and trees slowly appear out of the mist. I love the way you feel like a new person when you come inside.

That feeling is like a reset button. Like a new haircut and color, it just makes you feel… new. After my first year teaching, which was a shit show, I chopped about 6 inches off my hair and it was like that whole year dropped off with it.

Or after fighting off the hiccups and then realizing they stopped. That’s such a weird little powerful moment of you taking your life back from, quite possibly, the most awkward sound. Or finishing a book you completely lost yourself in. When you close that back cover you feel like you completed that journey and you just have to sit for a moment and become you again.

If you have no idea what I’m talking about – go walk in the rain – come back inside and sit in the warmth… reset.


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