Day 8

Honey if you have to say it, you aren’t it.


Have you ever heard someone say “adulting?” Isn’t it great – like being over 18 is suddenly identified as a verb instead of an adjective – no longer are you an adult, instead you are adulting.

This has so many implications. For an example; since ‘to adult’ is now an action that means that you can adult at any age. Which is just terrifying: 7th graders are not adults even if they are adulting… #lookatmeadulting…

Honey if you have to say it, you aren’t it.

Granted I’ve used the term about at often as I’ve used ‘totes.’ But in my head I’m trying to be ironic and above it. Because I am an adult. I can order the magazine, vote, see a rated-r movie. I’ve paid taxes for 10 years and I see a 21 year and thing you’re so young, it’s ten o’clock you should be in pjs,  I own a car, I’ve had two different careers…

I will acknowledge, though, that this is a weird “in-between” in life. Where I fit the archetype of adult, but I rarely feel like one. I hate calling people and avoid it, at almost all costs. When I can’t sleep at night I watch Emperor’s New Groove – because it’s everything and happy – I spend time on Facebook and Instagram, I watch Vlogs. And currently – I am eating potatoes for dinner, hash browns actually (they’re delicious – see below).

Seriously, the least adult thing about me would have to be my diet. If I owned a toaster and could figure out how to pick up a ripe avocado, I would probably only eat avocado toast. But, since I can’t and don’t, we survive on a stable diet of pasta and leftovers. Starch and cheese and cookies. So, happiness.

So, I guess I often use adulting to describe moments in my life where I feel like I’m playing the role of adult – not that I am one. I wonder when the adulting fad will die. Not just the terms and nuances – but it’s application to my life. Is there a moment in time when my actions will stop feeling like an act?


One thought on “Day 8

  1. 1. Drag adulting!!!! Yes!!
    2. I almost completely subsist on avocado toast, mostly because I’m too lazy to wait for potatoes to cook.
    3. I am 22 and yes, still a baby.


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