Day 4

We shouldn’t settle for bad food, bad moods or bad bras!


Let’s all talk about underwear. I love underwear – and I’m a firm believer that a good bra can change your life. I preach the importance of good bras so much that I had a friend text me just to tell me they had a bra fitting two weeks ago.

And I was so proud.

Seriously, the girls deserve more than a $5 clearance sports bra that kind of fits. We shouldn’t settle for bad food, bad moods or bad bras!

Now, this is about more than lifting and separating, this is about feeling good about you – which is why I’m an advocate for underwear. *underwear that’s fun-to-wear* I believe that every woman should put their unders on in the morning and feel like a million bucks! Think about it – it really is the one piece of your wardrobe that can actually be just for you. No one else has to see it (unless you want them too) so you should go all out!

Look, you have dress codes that dictate every other aspect of your life. You may dress for work, for school, for interviews, for men, for women – but underneath it all – you should dress for you! No one will ever know. 

You need a little boost today while leading that meeting? Then put on a pair that says “Bad Ass” across the booty. You need to feel feminine while working construction? Then put on that bright pink sports bra under your orange vest. Need to find a way to be you in a uniform? There’s a pair out there that are totally you!

Whatever the situation – you can find a bra or underwear to make it better. So indulge, throw out the ones you’ve had for five years, and be you.

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