Day 2

So, in defense of female friendship, here’s my ode to my Sisterhood.


There’s this musical called How to Succeed in Business without Really Trying.  And for all of the wrong reasons I saw this damn show at least 15 times in a row… ( I was not in it – I was just stupid and didn’t know how to set boundaries for myself) This was in 2007 and I still get the music from the show I didn’t even like stuck in my head.

Anyway, the show ends with a rousing number about a brotherhood of men (seriously you can google it – Daniel Radcliffe performs it at the Tony’s). It preaches of the “benevolent brotherhood of men” saying that it’s a “tie that binds all human hearts and minds.” It’s a fabulous way to end a show about the system of patriarchy that allows a man to manipulate his was to the top of a system that is set up for the success of men … *cough* but I digress…

I bring this up because I always wanted a Sisterhood of Women;  a group of women who I definitely need in my life. And now, ten years after wishing for this I think I’ve finally found it – the Tina to my Amy, the Ann to my Leslie, the Monica and Rachel to my Phoebe…It’s a solid circle of four women. And I met them in college, in the desk trenches, and by chance. We bonded over being early, Christmas Music, email anxiety, and humor. And they still talk to me even though I moved away.

They know exactly what that face meant. They validate rational fears and invalidate irrational ones with pursed lips and shaking heads.  I now have people in my life who love shopping and Riesling as much as I do, and who know the value of the clearance section and the frustration of outfit planning. I have friends who became mothers before me, and tell the truth about birth, pregnancy, and how it changes marriage. They make judgments with me – and about me. I can tell them something and they know exactly how and why I feel that way without me having to explain it. We can sit around with margaritas and complain about acne (aren’t we too old for this shit), IUDs, and the idiots that rearranged Target.

So, in defense of female friendship, here’s my ode to my Sisterhood. A desperate plea to all women everywhere to find friends like this. There is something special about sisterhood – because there are things that only other women will understand.



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